Ambassador Highlight: Becker

Becker, Born 2016


(Procyon lotor)

Raccoon Fun Facts

  • Raccoons are some of the most intelligent mammals in the world.
  • They are strong swimmers and even stronger climbers.
  • The Aztecs named the raccoon mapachitli or “one who takes everything in its hands”.
  • Getting their hands wet allows them to gather much more information from the nerve endings in their front feet.

Becker’s Story

Becker came to us from northern Ohio. He was stolen from his mom by some humans who thought he would be fun to make their pet. Injured and malnourished, he was confiscated by Animal Control, and unfortunately ,due to local regulations, he was not allowed to be released.

Want to donate for Becker?

  • Dry dog food
  • Unsalted Peanuts
  • Dog toys/Toddler toys